I just signed up as a member. When will I receive my first wine selection?

Welcome to the club! Once you have made the payment we will proceed with the shipment of the current wine selection. It should arrive within a week.

What does the quarterly shipment include?

Preferent package:

  • 4 wines from our wineries in the best national and international appellations of origin
  • Detailed information sheet on each of the wines
  • Invitation to an activity in one of the Familia Torres wineries

Collection package:

  • 2 of Familia Torres most emblematic and exclusive wines
  • Detailed information sheet on each of the wines
  • Invitation to an activity in one of the Familia Torres wineries

Can I change the type of package I have chosen later on?

Of course! You can choose whichever package you like and have it shipped to your home. You can also choose to receive both of the packages at the same time.

Is there a minimum time limit for being a member?

No, there isn’t. You can cancel your membership at any moment without any additional cost; all you need to do is enter your member profile and follow the steps indicated there.

When will I receive information about the next shipment?

You will receive a newsletter with all the necessary information one week before the shipment is sent. You will also find the information by clicking on the “quarterly wine selection” button on the club webpage.

Can I skip a shipment?

If you don’t want to receive one of the shipments, you can cancel it without problems. Once you have received the newsletter listing the contents of the next shipment you have one week to decide and possibly cancel. You will find the cancellation button in your member profile page.

What is the shipping price?

The shipping is free of charge.

When will I receive the next shipment?

Once the newsletter with the information has been sent, the shipment will arrive in approximately 15 days. We need one week to manage the orders and another to send it

When will the next shipment be charged?

Once you have received the newsletter with the information about the next shipment you have one week to confirm or cancel. After one week, if you haven’t cancelled, we will charge the shipment and you will receive the wines at your home.

How many times can I cancel the shipments?

We understand if you want to skip the shipment sometimes which is why we accept 2 cancellations of the 4 yearly shipments. If you skip 3 out of the 4, your membership will be cancelled automatically and you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the Familia Torres Wine Club anymore.

How do I unsubscribe from the club?

If you no longer want to be a member of the Familia Torres Wine Club you can cancel your membership in your member profile. Just go to “manage my account” and click on “cancel my membership”.

Wine is very delicate. How do you transport them?

We know how delicate wine bottles can be and that is why our shipments are double protected – the bottles come inside the special Familia Torres Wine Club box which itself is wrapped and protected.

Can I send a gift with the Familia Torres Wine Club?

You can gift a family member or a friend with the Familia Torres Wine Club membership. You can choose how many annual shipments you want to gift; 1 quartely (1 shipment), half a year (2 shipments) or one year (4 shipments). You only need to go to your member profile and within, to the wine selection where you will find the gifting option.

How can I fully enjoy the member benefits?

We will be informing you about all the benefits and special conditions for the Familia Torres Wine Club members by sending out newsletters and by constantly updating the club webpage. If you have any doubts or questions you can contact us directly on the member help centre on the club’s webpage.

How much time do I have to use the invitations that come with the shipments?

Taking into account that you will also be receiving invitations to special events that are only organised a few times a year, every invitation will have a different “valid until” date; you will find it printed on each invitation individually.

How are the discounts applied when buying wine?

You can go into the Familia Torres Wine Club’s online shop at https://shop.torres.es/es/ and once you have chosen your wines before check-out, add the code WINECLUB in the special discounts’ box.