Bronze primavera 2022

Bronze case

Six young wines for your everyday enjoyment. Made at our wineries, they invite you to explore the wonderful world of wine.

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Estelado Rosé

Estelado Rosé

Miguel Torres, 5th generation, began making wines some years ago using the País variety. This variety, existing in almost total oblivion in Chile up until very recently, was the first variety cultivated in the country, and the origin of its winemaking history. Miguel Torres initiated a project aimed at restoring the variety’s value in the eyes of the world with the help of small winegrowers in the region and by obtaining the “Fair Trade” certificate.

Santa Digna Chardonnay

Santa Digna Chardonnay

Valle Central. Chile

A journey that takes us to the warm and vast Valle Central and arrives to our body and soul. Santa Digna is the name of the crosses that symbolised fortune and protection for those travelling to faraway lands; Familia Torres’ first Chilean vineyard and first Chilean wine were named after these emblems.

Atrium merlot

Atrium Merlot

DO Penedès

The voices of ancient people echo amongst old vines, songs of celebrations and festivities, of gratitude for the land and the Sun. Voices of our culture and our roots.