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Three exclusive wines to add to your collection, made from the most select vineyards and aged in the most exceptional corners of our wine cellars. A wonderful opportunity to delight in the most characteristic Familia Torres flagship wines.

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DO Penedès

For over 30 years, Familia Torres has been committed to an ambitious project: the recovery of ancestral varieties that had disappeared after the phylloxera devastation of the 19th century.
In restoring part of Catalonia's vinicultural tradition, the fifth generation of Familia Torres looks toward the future, seeking authenticity and producing exceptional wines that are uniquely special.

Forcada is the first variety in this collection. Initially rediscovered in the Ripollès area, this white grape now grows in Alt Penedès. It is a surprisingly fresh and aromatically intense variety.

Mas Cavalls

Marimar Estate Mas Cavalls

Russian River Valley. California

Marimar Torres, 4th generation: “We named this wine Mas Cavalls, horse ranch, seeing as our stables are right below the Doña Margarita vineyard that is named after my mother”.



DOQ Priorat

Perpetual is a wine born of time and terrain. The old Garnacha and Cariñena vines are between 80 and 100 years old and grow on steep, rocky slopes. Llicorella (slate) is the essence of this beautifully concentrated wine with great personality.
The parcels are small and located near several villages of El Priorat. They belong to local winegrowers, but undergo rigorous controls to ensure that the fruit is of the highest quality. Perpetual is a tribute to the well-aging Priorat wines, intense, full of character and born to defeat time.