Silver primavera 2022

Silver case

Six authentic wines for lovers of the wine world. Carefully crafted at our wineries around the world, these wines evoke their magnificent landscapes of origin in the glass.


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Cordillera chardonnay

Cordillera Chardonnay

Between two countries and two cultures, the mountain range in Valle de Limarí marking the border between Chile and Argentina, is an emblematic presence on all Chilean vineyards. The plantations reach high in Limarí in order to gift us with Chardonnays of noble and unquestionable character.


Vinyarets Blanco

DO Penedès

Centuries of winegrowing coexist with the chance to learn, day after day. The vineyards in the heart of Penedès are a place to discover deeply rooted varieties. Amid farmhouses, castles, and ancestral homes, lies a land marked by countless cultures, where we repeat a yearly pact both ancient and new: a dialogue with the nature around us. The spirit of Vinyarets, the magic of our origins.



DOQ Priorat

Salmos is born in a beautiful remote land. The vineyards, planted on slopes of shale (“licorella” stone), undergo extreme changes in temperature between day and night and these natural vicissitudes add to
the wine’s appeal. Salmos is a tribute to the Carthusian monks who planted the first grapevines in the Priorat. The wine holds the mysterious legacy of ancient times and wise men.